Exel Composites Strengthens Position in Electrical Tool Segment

28 May 2013


Exel Composites says its product development in tube applications has given them a strong position in the electrical applications where thin-walled naturally insulating tubes are combined with telescopic structures.

Electrically isolative, lightweight and durable glass-fibre tubes and profiles are widely used in different electrical applications, and Exel’s telescope range enables working in live-line working high-reach conditions.

Exel say its tubes and profiles are used both in non-live and live working electrical tools such as voltage detecting and earthing poles as well as insulation poles e.g. in manoeuvring sticks, rescue poles and fuse disconnecting poles and comply with electrical standards EN61230, EN61235, EN62193 and IEC60855.

The company say it operates with the leading OEM manufacturers in the electrical tool market segment who are able to offer high-quality solutions to their customers and create necessary work instructions for local electrical markets.

The mechanical properties of composite materials such as corrosion resistance, light weight, easy installation and good temperature resistance make them favourable to traditional materials such as wood and aluminium. Exel say its composite profiles and tubes are used also in other electrical applications such as structures for electrical generators and turbines, power transmission insulators, insulated rail joint systems, 3rd rail covers and insulating ladders. 

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