AkzoNobel Launches Second Generation Nouryact Cobalt-Free Accelerators

12 March 2013

AkzoNobel is adding second generation Nouryact accelerators to its portfolio of cobalt-free curing accelerators.

AkzoNobel says the new eco-premium accelerators are primarily based on Iron and work in a wide range of temperatures with low colour impact on the end products. They are an easy to use replacement for existing cobalt-based accelerators and in some cases even outperform cobalt, enabling curing behaviour which cannot be achieved with conventional systems.

It says end users can now select from six different Nouryact accelerators which can be combined with AkzoNobel’s peroxide curing agents. Nouryact accelerators are BluCure products and are 100% Cobalt-free.

AkzoNobel claim cobalt carboxylates like cobalt-2-ethylhexanoate are under evaluation by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). In fact, some of them have already been classified as CMR2 Reprotoxic by the Cobalt REACH consortium under European Union’s CLP regulation. The evaluation process by ECHA is not yet closed and further reclassification -to carcinogenic class 1B- might take place.

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