Cato Composites AS and Cato Composites Innovations Merge

05 March 2013

Cato Composites AS of Halden Norway and Cato Composite Innovations of Doesburg, Netherlands are merging to one company and location.

Both companies have been active in thermoplastic composite component development and manufacturing since respectively 1996 and 2008.

Last December, both companies agreed on the acquisition of the equipment and thermoplastic composite technology of Cato Norway by Cato NL. The transaction includes the military helmet production line with a capacity of 90.000 helmets/year and a production line for composite consumer electronic housings with a capacity of up to 2 million components/year. The equipment is currently being installed at Cato NL in Doesburg.

With the sale of its shares in Bond-Laminates to Lanxess, Cato Ringstad AS, parent company of Cato Norway decided also to divest its activities in thermoplastic composites component manufacturing. General Manager Jan Werner Olsen says, “We were happy to transfer this business to Cato NL who’s managers have been close cooperation partners through Bond-Laminates ever since 1996”.

“Having the opportunity to acquire the helmet and electronics business of Cato Norway is a great opportunity for us”, says Joost van Lindert, Managing Director of Cato Netherlands. “We have moved all assets to our facilities in Doesburg and are integrating these production lines within our existing production capabilities: a 250 tons, two 100 tons and a 60 tons thermoforming press, as well as injection moulding facilities for hybrid composite components. That totals 7 production presses as well as state of the art injection moulding capabilities on site.”

“Together with in-house engineering capabilities and over 20 years of experience in thermoplastic composite materials and applications, this makes us one of the most experienced and best equipped companies focusing on thermoplastic composites component development and manufacturing globally.”

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