Hakes Marine Launches High Performance Grand-Prix Yachts

04 June 2013

Hakes Marine recently announced the launch of its Judel Vrolijk-designed HH42 high-performance, grand-prix racing yachts.

The company says that the HH42 is a no-compromise racing yacht designed to win IRC ratings (a system of handicapping boats for the purpose of racing), but with flexibility for strong offshore performance. A unique design feature of HH42 is the monocoque keel floor.

The HH42 was built using Hengshen's HRG1 carbon-fibre pre-preg. Hengshen was established in 2007 and is a vertically-integrated carbon-fibre company with manufacturing facilities in Danyang, northwest of Shanghai, China. Hengshen offers prepreg, fabrics, formulated resins and a design service and has a European design, development and technical-support team based in Southampton, UK.

Hengshen’s HRG1 is a toughened 70ºC-curing epoxy prepreg designed for the manufacture of large structures at low curing temperatures. The prepregs used Henghen's HF10 carbon fibres. HRG1 prepreg features include medium tack and an out-life of 40 days at 21ºC. Hengshen says that the key to the success of the project was the short lead times on delivery of the prepreg materials.

Paul Hakes, President of Hudson Hakes commented, "At all times Hengshen were there with technical support and assistance, and their commitment to customer service was uncompromising. Their outstanding manufacturing and test facilities meant we could verify building procedures, laminate curing, and laminate quality quickly and easily. Being local meant constant on-site support and unusually fast delivery of all required materials. They were a partner in this project and like us were focused on its success."

Photo courtesy of Denette Matthews.

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