Huntsman Advanced Materials Launches New Website

09 July 2013

Huntsman Advanced Materials has launched its new website with panoramic images, videos detailing composites processes, company news and a structure that enables rapid navigation to industries, technologies, brands and products.

Huntsman Advanced Materials is a provider of value-added products based on epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane-based polymer products, which aim to improve processes and speed up the quality production of lightweight materials.

At the heart of the website-user experience is the Product Finder which delivers detailed specifications on all product formulations relevant to a customer enquiry and works via a logical question and answer sequence.

Site visitors are asked to identify in which part of the world their business is based, and to specify by industry, technology, chemistry and product group their particular interest. The Product Finder then provides detailed information including a full data sheet download option per product, including a comprehensive summary of performance characteristics, operating parameters and physical properties.

Wynne Morris, Head of Communications for Huntsman Advanced Materials, comments, “We spent a significant amount of time analysing and dissecting the information on our previous site, before re-formatting the content and re-writing the copy.  We put together a project team consisting of web designers, SEO specialists and marketers which included senior product group executives from both Europe and the USA, to create a site that looks good but most importantly provides visitors with easy-to-understand navigation, rapid progress to what they are looking for and high quality detailed information when they get there.”

Wynne Morris concludes that the website, like the product range, is a dynamic resource, ”We have a strong reputation for innovation, often co-developing bespoke formulations with our customers, so site content is always going to be an evolving process.  We believe the new website is a resource which will be of significant value to prospective and existing customers and entrepreneurs, design engineers, industrialists and academics alike.”

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