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AMI-CON Named as UK Distributor for Saati Composite Materials

09 July 2013

AMI-CON has announced it has recently signed a UK distribution agreement and gained exclusive rights to distribute Saati composite materials, within the UK.

Saati develops and manufactures advanced technical textiles and composite materials.

AMI-CON alongside the Saati technical team provide advanced technological solutions, from enhanced weaving controls to deliver the utmost performance in tolerance, tensioning and uniformity.

Saati composites division formulate, weave and prepreg in house enabling total control of the woven, knitted, multiaxial fabrics, unidirectional materials and tapes they manufacture, for both component and tooling prepregs.

AMI-CON says it can provide a value added tailored service, from technical to aftersales support by understanding customers’ needs, in terms of stock holding on popular specifications, exceptionally short lead-times on bespoke orders, useable pack sizes and generally an excellent overall service.

Photo provided by AMI-CON.

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