Network Group for Composites in Construction Announces Early Career Researcher Competition Finalists

23 July 2013

The Network Group for Composites in Construction (NGCC) has revealed the 10 finalists who will showcase their projects at the Advanced Composites in Construction (ACIC) conference on 10 – 12 September in Belfast, UK.

The NGCC is keen to develop awareness among young engineers of the importance and potential of research in fibre reinforced polymers (FRPs). The competition is aimed at the next generation of engineers who are enthusiastic about FRPs in structural engineering and are ready to make their mark.

The invited finalists and their projects are as follows.

·         The Influence of Changing Temperature on Adhesively Bonded FRP Strengthening

Daryan Othman, University of Edinburgh;

·         Aspects of Bolted Connections of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Structures

Navroop Singh Matharu, University of Warwick, UK;

·         Behaviour of Continuous Concrete Slabs Reinforced with FRP Bars

Mohamed E. M. Mahroug, University of Bradford;

·         Lateral-Torsional Buckling Resistance of Pultruded FRP Beams

Tien Thuy Nguyen, University of Warwick;

·         Friction Riveting as a New Joining Solution for GFRP Lightweight Emergency Bridges

Lucian-Attila Blaga, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Centre for Materials and Coastal Research;

·         Design of a FRP-Reinforced Concrete Beam System for Fire Performance

Mohamed A. Kiari, University of Edinburgh;

·         Lifetime Extension of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Monika Grusova, University of Bath;

·         Post-Tensioning of Timber Beams with Basalt Fibre Reinforced Polymer

Emma McConnell, Queen’s University Belfast;

·         Fire Performance of FRP Reinforced Concrete: Bond Deterioration at Elevated Temperature

Emma Reid-McIntyre, University of Edinburgh; and

·         Cradle to Cradle: Recycling Application Strategies for Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Ankur Srivastava, Newcastle University.

These 10 participants will give a five minute overview presentation to delegates at the conference, followed by an exhibition of their posters. The winner and two runners up will be chosen at this exhibition by delegates and will be announced at the conference dinner on Wednesday 11th September at the Great Hall, Queen’s University Belfast.

Registration for the event is now open with details held on the conference website.

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