John Burn to Sell Small Volume Packs of ‘Pre-Cut’ Tooling Prepreg Manufactured by JSI

02 July 2013

John Burn is to pre-cut Hyperfil C tooling prepreg manufactured by Jones Stroud Insulations (JSI) so customers who want a smaller amount will not have to compromise on quality and prevent unwanted waste.

The prepreg will be available pre-cut and packed into easy to use pieces measuring 300 x 500mm. The tooling prepreg packs will contain 33 pieces, which are approximately 5m2 that can be delivered next day for immediate use or refreezing.

John Burn will initially stock pre-cut tooling prepreg in two weights, 225gsm and 650gsm, which is cut into pieces measuring 300 x 500mm. This will give customers the chance to buy high quality prepreg in quantities that suit them.

The prepreg will also be available via for customers who prefer to shop online.

Prepreg composite materials are becoming increasingly common in the composite industry due to their ease of use, consistent properties, and high quality surface finish. The JSI Hyperfil product range will enhance the existing range of composite resin systems already available from John Burn for vacuum infusion, hand lay-up and RTM, allowing customers the flexibility to choose the correct material solution for their project needs.

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