Hexagon Composites Receives Orders Worth $5million for the new 26” Tuffshell Fuel Cylinder

02 July 2013

The total value of the newest orders is in excess of USD $5million.

The company says that its 26" tank family, officially launched in January this year, is the largest collection of Type Four Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) fuel tanks in the marketplace. These lightweight, all-composite cylinders serve as fuel tanks for Class Eight trucks running on compressed natural gas (CNG).

"Due to its large storage capacity and flexible packaging, the new 26" Tuffshellfuel tank is well suited for the increased range requirements of Class Eight truck fleets", says Chet Dawes, Director of Sales for North America, Hexagon Lincoln.

The US Class Eight truck market includes vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 12 tons or more. These trucks have high consumption rates, long-range hauling needs and heavy payload requirements, meaning they can benefit from the operational cost advantages of CNG.

The US heavy-duty NGV market is experiencing strong and sustained growth, which is expected to continue with the recent expanded line-up of larger, more powerfulCNG engines.

Hexagon Composites says the low weight and high capacity of the Tuffshell composite fuel tanks means that fleet owners can have the flexibility of increased range without compromising the trucks’ payload capacity or wheelbase.

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