DSM, Heijmans and Fibrecore Receive Recognition at InfraTech 2013 for A27 Composite Bridge

29 January 2013

DSM, Heijmans and Fibercore received recognition from the building & infrastructure industry for their A27 composite bridge project, winning an innovation award at the InfraTech 2013 show in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Installed in 2012, the 140m long lightweight bridge for heavy traffic was placed over one of the busiest roads in the Netherlands. The lightweight nature of the bridge contributed to minimal interference with ongoing traffic with an installation speed of less than 48 hours.

“Bridges made from composite materials have inherently lower weight than their counterparts in steel and concrete.” says Robert Puyenbroek, Chief Technical Officer of DSM Composite Resins.

“Moreover these materials require little maintenance and therefore can help to minimize bridge operating cost. This is good news for both bridge operators as well as for the environment”.

“DSM has been at the forefront of introducing composites technology in new markets and applications”, adds Fons Harbers”, European Commercial Director DSM Composite resins. “I am happy to see that DSM and its partners have received recognition from industry experts.”

A video of the awarded A27 composite bridge can be found through:

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