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Russian Nanotechnology Centre of Composites Orders Pultrex Pultrusion and Filament Winding Machines

10 December 2013

The Russian Nanotechnology Centre of Composites (NCC) Moscow, Russia has placed an order for custom-built pultrusion and filament winding processing lines from Pultrex.

Both the filament winder and the pultruder are capable of manufacturing large FRP parts in a range of thermoset resins, including polyurethane.  The NCC states the order is a major capital investment of over £1.1 million to expand its R & D service offering to include these two key composites processing technologies; significant future growth is expected in new composite applications using filament wound and pultruded parts. 

The two machines are now being built at the Pultrex factory in Essex, UK scheduled to be delivered and fully operational at the NCC in Moscow by March 2014. 

Peter Molnar, Chief Technical Officer for NCC Russia stated:  "We selected Pultrex as we were impressed by their extensive processing and raw materials knowledge and the technical support provided as part of the deal, alongside the established build quality reputation that we know from Russian pultruders using Pultrex machines supplied many years ago which are still working well. We also wanted a ‘state of the art’ machine producer able to provide both type of machines we need.”   

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