CCP Launch Styrene Free Product Range

16 April 2013

CCP Composites have launched its styrene free product range, Encore Prime, a specific unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester range of resins, optimized in terms of odour and VOC reduction.

The company claim that these are fully compliant with requirements of different market applications such as CIPP or SMC.

CCP consider low odour as being an important requirement for consumers especially when considering interior or enclosed space applications. In addition, issues on limitation of exposure to styrene during part processing, new styrene regulation and classification led to the development of totally styrene free solutions.

According to CCP, Encore Prime can be used in high temperature moulding and more specifically dedicated to Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) and Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) composites applications.

For Cured In Place Pipe, CCP Composites proposes two grades of resin with no odour for the installer or public and better conditions in the workshop during the liner impregnation: a UPR Norsodyne and a VER Epovia Optimum for thickenable or non-thickenable requirement which are able to cure with UV, hot water or a steam curing system.

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