Anaglyph Release 4.2 of the LAP application

04 September 2012

Anaglyph has released version 4.2 of its LAP (Laminate Analysis Program), the basic tool for in-depth analysis of any type of composite laminate subjected to in-plane loads and moments.

According to Anaglyph, the software is typically used in preliminary design for tailoring a stacking sequence, then analysing the composite component with other methods such as finite elements, and finally optimising the design by inspecting the laminate behaviour layer by layer.  It says LAP consists of four modules: Basic module including the linear analysis functionality and constitutes the minimum configuration, as well as Non-Linear, Design and Additional Failure Criteria modules. 

Anaglyph explains that LAP benefits from very powerful features and is used by composite designers from large and small organisations to analyse any composite component, at a location where loadings or deformations are known. It says that due to its simplicity of use, it has also been adopted by universities as a teaching tool on laminate theory.

The latest release (4.2) adds numerous user-driven features such as transverse stress calculation, z-offsets for mechanical loads, and strain-based strength definition.

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