Molding Products Increase SMC Price

25 September 2012

Interplastic Corporation’s Molding Products Division (MPD) is increasing the price of its sheet moulding composite (SMC) products by $0.03 per pound, effective on all shipments on or after October 15, 2012.

“We have received price increases from our major raw material suppliers throughout the first half of 2012 and now into the third quarter of 2012,” explained Darrell Young, National Sales Manager. Young also noted that continued tight supply and strong overseas markets have put upward pressure on the price of several key raw material streams including pigments, fillers, polyester resin, and styrene monomer which are key ingredients in SMC.

“Interplastic’s Molding Products Division understands the challenging market we face; however, basic raw materials are expected to continue rising and these costs can no longer be absorbed. Interplastic’s Molding Products Division appreciates the understanding and continued support of its customers and will do everything possible to keep these cost increases to a minimum” stated Mr. Young.

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