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Magnolia Advanced Materials Formed

09 October 2012

Magnolia Plastics has officially changed the company name to Magnolia Advanced Materials, effective immediately.

CEO Rick Wells stated, "Our new name better reflects our current business and will grow with us as we add new chemistries and product lines. My father, Don Wells, founded the company in 1957 and began by developing epoxy for the aviation industry and emerging US Space Program. Our tagline then was Plastics for the Space Age. Our products flew on shuttle missions and into deep space on Pioneer and Voyager missions. He would be thrilled to see how we’ve grown, and that we still specialise in aviation of all types. I think he would be particularly proud that we are considered a leader in another emerging space industry - Space Tourism. Our name has changed but our commitment to excellence in customer service and innovative product development will remain our primary focus.”

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