UK Rail Project Takes Fibrelite On Board

20 November 2012

Fibrelite is experiencing significant increases in demand for its range of lightweight composite access covers and has recently been specified for a large scale UK rail project to supply their health and safety friendly covers for use on a large station’s platforms.

The platforms are currently being lengthened so they can accommodate 12 car trains. Fibrelite is in the process of supplying the first 20no. 900 x 450mm medium duty glass reinforced plastic (GRP) composite covers for this particular UK rail project. Fibrelite says its lightweight covers enable easy and safe manual handling during install, particularly alleviating issues with steep train line embankments, tracks or stairs to the platform. They also allow for easy access to electrical junction boxes and cable drawpits containing signalling equipment on the station platform.

For inspecting signalling equipment, quick and easy access is crucial, to avoid long delays on the train lines. “Fibrelite’s composite trench access covers are proven to be ergonomically safe for men and women to remove and replace. The design incorporates two lifting points for the specially designed FL7 lifting aids. These allow the operator to remove the cover without trapping fingers or bending over thus maximising the safety of the lifting technique. The weight is kept close to the body preventing back injury: one of the main causes of absence from work and personal injury claims,” explains David Holmes, Fibrelite’s Technical Director.

“Our UK manufactured covers have anti-slip properties equivalent to a high grade road which is vital on a station platform where a slip could be potentially fatal,” says Holmes.

Fibrelite are seeing a surge in demand for composite covers as a direct result of metal theft, as composites have no resale value to the scrap market companies are quickly changing their specifications from metal to composite for many applications.

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