Sika Introduces a New Foaming Epoxy Resin System

20 November 2012

Sika Deutschland has introduced a new 3-component foaming epoxy resin system, Biresin ER200, to its range of resins for composites.

According to Sika the foam has good adhesion to most surfaces and produces an excellent cell structure. The system’s even, slow foaming reaction is largely a reason for a homogenous foam structure. Biresin ER200 generates low expansion pressure during foaming and has a gel time of approx. 60 minutes. The system is insensitive to moisture during processing, thus its properties are uniform and can be relied on to produce consistent results.

Sika explains that the final density of the foam can be varied by modifying the level of the foaming agent. At 3% addition, the final free foam density is ~0,2 kg/dm². At only 1% addition of the foaming agent, the foam density is approx. 0,4 kg/dm². This ability to vary the foam density within one system allows excellent working flexibility.

Biresin ER200 epoxy system can be used in the production of surf boards, dagger boards, doors and many other hollow components where the part needs to be filled at minimum weight increase.

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