SP-High Modulus to rebrand as Gurit from January 2013

13 November 2012

This change to a single brand will enable the Industrial and Marine business of Gurit to better communicate who it is and what it does. It represents greater integration of knowledge, expertise and innovation throughout the Gurit group and across the company’s market sectors, and will give current and new customers access to an unparalleled offering in terms of composite materials, engineering solutions and related technical services.

Gurit says it will continue to undertake research and lead new technical initiatives in the use of composites in the marine and general industrial sectors, whilst drawing on the wider group’s knowledge of specific applications, to develop the product range and services.

Under the global Gurit brand, the company remains fully committed to providing responsive customer service and efficient supply through its regional offices and facilities.

“The SP and High Modulus brands have served us well over the past 30 years,” says Paul Goddard, General Manager - Industrial and Marine, at Gurit. “We are, however, a company that looks to the future, and this exciting change clarifies our position in the market place, as we continue to deliver proven composite products and leading technical solutions to our marine and general industrial customers.”

In further news, SP-High Modulus has launched its SparPreg, a versatile unidirectional prepreg developed to enable the economical manufacture of unidirectional spar caps for more demanding marine spar designs. 

The material can produce thick laminates of exceptional  quality  with  low  void  content,  without  the  need  for  an intermediary  debulking  process  or  additional  dry  fabric reinforcement to aid air removal. The net result enables marine spar manufacturers to eliminate production steps and redundant materials, and increase production capacity.

SparPreg has been formulated to achieve outstanding in-cure and mechanical performance. It can be cured at temperatures as low as 85°C, but can also be used at 120°C for the rapid manufacture of components. SparPreg can be used with a range of fibre types to suit specific applications, including SPRINT (SP’s patented material and processing technology), and other prepregs.  SparPreg’s versatility means that it can also be used as a conventional prepreg if required.


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