epm: technology Supports Composite UK 12th Annual Conference

06 May 2012

epm technology is supporting and sponsoring the Composite UK 12th Annual Conference which will be held on the 10th and 11th May, Manchester Conference Centre, UK.

“It is that time of year again” says MD and owner of epm technology group Graham Mulholland. “Inboxes are full of seminars, events, training and motivational courses, but which event can make a difference to you and your industry? The answer is Composites UK Annual Conference in Manchester on 10-11th May.”

Mulholland explained “This conference gives the end users, whether large or small, the chance to see our industry and to get a feel for us.  It also gives us the chance to listen to the issues in the supply chain, or the concerns about the skills agenda and allows us an insight into what’s next.  Either way we can talk to each other, we can invite our customers and we can rally the membership and get the event fully supported.”

Mulholland concluded “It is a small price to pay for a day or two out of your hectic schedules to actually have a voice and to also have a pair of ears to listen to all the great work being done by us all in the UK Composites industry.  So why not get involved, come along and eat the lunch we have paid for!”

According to epm it is a good opportunity to collect information if you’re an OEM considering composites in the future. The event also brings together all elements of the industry from universities to material suppliers and increasingly composite component manufacturers, who are using the event as a sounding board to ensure the industry is consistent in dealing with non-composite customers.

Composites UK explain the main aim of this two day conference and exhibition will be to showcase the UK’s strengths and capabilities in composites, bringing together active members of the composites community to highlight the latest technological developments in the industry and the academic research. It is open to both members and non members.

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