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Brazilian Boatbuilding Association Improving Composite Education in the Brazilian Marine Market

18 May 2012

ACOBAR (Brazilian Boat Builder Association) is planning a set of technical workshops that will be held in the 3 mainly marine hubs of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Santa Catarina states, and will happen in August, October and November consecutively. 

According to ACOBAR, the purpose of this initiative is to improve composite education in the Brazilian marine market, which has facing difficulties on finding skilled workers.  ACOBAR is actively pursuing training initiatives to improve manufacturing quality and safety for the marine industry and the goal is to enhance technical skills in open and close moulding of individuals involved in boat production.
Heading up the training initiatives is Jorge Nasseh, Vice President of ACOBAR.  “The current schedule will enrol at least 600 workers and it is vital to increase a competitive edge for the local industry.  This is our second year on the program and we are now going to develop the training sessions in few more cities along the coast line” said Nasseh. ACOBAR goals are to increase the level of qualification for every boatbuilding discipline, and to market the industry as a competitive place to work.

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