Shakespeare Introduces Rolatube Man Portable Masts

12 May 2012

Shakespeare has teamed with Rolatube to offer a line of light weight, highly portable mast systems developed for man portable tactical use.

According to Shakespeare, the system is designed to minimise the size and weight of package carried by the user and is significantly lighter than any comparable system currently available. Quick and simple to deploy and may be used either fully extended or partially rolled out for shorter deployment length. Unlike metal or carbon composite masts, the thermal signature of BRC masts is minimal.

The system is based on patented Rolatube technology. Formed from custom manufactured composite materials, Shakespeare explains that the mast rolls up in the manner of a tape measure but, uniquely, is stable in either the coiled or extended form.

Shakespeare says the Rolatube Masts are:

  • Reliable: No moving parts or joints.
  • Lightweight: Small and compact, easily fits in rucksack.
  • Rugged: Thermoplastic composite design is highly resistant to impact
  • Proven: Over 1500 masts in service
  • Height: 3 Metres, 5 metres, 8 metres.
  • Weight: 4.2lbs Complete, 8.5lbs Complete, 18lbs Complete.
  • Head Load: 4.4lbs, 7.7lbs.

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