Dymax Release Manual Dispensing System Featuring Hand-Held Valve

06 March 2012

Dymax’s manually controlled dispensing systems facilitate dispensing through the use of a normally closed, hand-held Model 200 diaphragm valve designed for a variety of applications including dot, bead, and potting applications.

Dymax explain that the System has been designed to be very lightweight, with a wand-style body to make it more ergonomic for users.  They say the Model 200 diaphragm valve is engineered for optimal performance and long service life.  It is made from materials that are compatible with a wide variety of low- to medium-viscosity fluids such as light-curable adhesives, epoxy resins, cyanoacrylates, and activator-cured adhesives. 

According to Dymax, each system includes high-quality, light-blocking polyethylene fluid tubing in two sizes – 3/8" OD for maximum flow and 1/4" OD to provide flexibility for easy handling.  The air filter regulator features an integrated shut-off valve and pressure exhaust designed to quickly and safely depressurise the system, eliminating the need for the operator to open and close the regulator.  The systems offer a variety of material pressure vessels to accommodate various material package offerings.

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