Norplex-Micarta Announces RT571 Tubing for Thick Wall Applications

28 March 2012

Norplex-Micarta hqs introduced RT571 tubing composed of a heavy weave glass fabric with an epoxy resin system.

According to Norplex, RT571 has excellent strength at elevated temperatures but has also been formulated to facilitate the production of thick walled tubes. This formulation allows for walls to be up to 2 times the ID without checks and cracks. Norplex explain thqt typical uses for RT571 include bushings, spacers, structural parts and many other applications that require parts to be fabricated from an extremely thick walled glass tube.

RT571 can be manufactured in standard lengths of 36″ and 48″ (914mm – 1,219mm) with inside diameters ranging from 0.750″ - 35.688″ (19mm – 906mm), outside diameters ranging from 1.00″ – 36″ (25.4mm – 914mm), and wall thickness ranging from 0.125″ - 2.00″ (3.18mm – 50.8mm). Norplex say that RT571 complies with NEMA G-10 and the MIL-I-24768/2 Type GEE.

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