Alan Harper Composites Launch New Reusable Silicone Bag Spray Machine at JEC Europe

21 March 2012

Alan Harper Composites have released the SilCon V, a new silicone spray machine designed for the professional mould builder.

According to Alan Harper, flexibility is the key feature of the new mark 5 model which they say is able to handle both addition cure and condensation cure silicones. They explain that the SilCon V can be operated to add thixotropic additive on demand when using addition cure systems.  The mark 5 has two robust 200cc silicone pumps and an additional 40cc slave pump that are directly coupled to the external heavy duty air motor.

Alan Harper says that there are three possible uses now available for the machine:

  1. Addition cure Silicone on a 1:1 mix ratio
  2. Condensation cure Silicone on a 10 :1 ratio
  3. Addition cure Silicone on a 1:1 ratio with 10:1 thixotropic addition

The third option is user selected to switch on and off thixotropic addition at will during use.

Alan Harper explains that the SilCon V has the following specifications:

  • Output 03 to 2.0 lt/min.
  • On-board holding tanks max 34 kg.
  • Lightweight spray head with swivel connections.
  • Weight when empty 54 kg.
  • Fully manoeuvrable on “follow me” wheeled cart.
  • Spray and pump pressure regulation.
  • Multi silicone type use.
  • Three fluid selection mix and spray.
  • CE mark – safe all pneumatic operation.
  • 2 year – Guarantee on all seals.
  • Silicone Anti kink high flex hoses.
  • Multi use controls.

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