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Formax Launch New Biaxial and Multiaxial Fabric at JEC Europe

20 March 2012

Formax will launch two new materials at JEC Europe at Booth N52 next week.

Formax has developed a new range of high modulus +/-45 biaxials based on Mitsubishi’s Dialead fibres. Formax say this is a notoriously difficult material to work withand they have mastered the art of converting the high performance pitch fibre to create +/-45 biaxials that offer up to four to five times the stiffness of traditional pan fibre based biaxials. They explain that pitch fibres offer very low levels of thermal expansion.

Formax has also developed a +/-30 Lightweight Carbon Multiaxials fabric that they say has been developed through the commission of the Karl Mayer Carbon Malitronic machine that the company installed last year. Formax explain that available in a range of weights from 75gsm per ply, the new +/-30 is unique to them and works at a shallower angle enabling greater longitudinal stiffness. This robust fabric is perfectly suited to long, thin structures such as ski’s, snowboards, surfboards and wings.

“With ambitious plans for expansion during 2012 and a developed portfolio of unique materials, Formax will continue to satisfy our global customers demands. We understand the design complexities manufacturers face but also appreciate the need for cost efficiency. We are confident we can deliver a competitive edge with our bespoke solutions.” comments Oliver Wessely, Managing Director of Formax.

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