Ticona and Kureha Celebrate 20 Years of Fortron Industries

13 March 2012

Ticona and Kureha Corporation are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Fortron Industries, a joint venture that they say continues to meet the increased global demand for Fortron high-performance polyphenylene sulphide (PPS).

“Since signing the partnership agreement in 1992, Ticona and Kureha have continuously invested in improving the overall productivity of the PPS manufacturing process and the available polymer capacity”, said Global Fortron PPS Strategy Manager, Michaela Reuter. “The Fortron Industries plant in Wilmington, North Carolina, US, is the world's largest operation for producing linear PPS. From here, we are delivering products to customers throughout North and South America, Europe and the Far East.”

At its Wilmington plant, Ticona explains that Fortron Industries has a polymer capacity of 15,000 metric tons per year at its disposal to meet the demand for its high-performance polymer.

“The results of the Ticona and Kureha joint venture demonstrate the strategic importance we attribute to the high demand and the growth of this high-performance polymer”, said Fortron Industries President, Fred Samz. “We will continue to develop and supply new and innovative Fortron products to go along with our customers and explore new areas of application to meet increasingly challenging sets of requirements.”

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