Lowered Prices Provide Competition for High Quality Carbon Fibre Glossy Sheets

12 June 2012

ACP Composites have lowered the regular prices on all of their solid carbon fibre high gloss sheets as part of continued efforts to offer high their products at competitive prices.

According to ACP, these first sheets are a decorative laminate with a deep, glossy, three dimensional finish. Their proprietary Autoclave process, 100% genuine carbon fibre prepreg (not a printed vinyl), and superior epoxy resin consistently deliver high gloss panels with outstanding strength, durability and a longer lasting mirror-like finish.

“Our customers are always looking for high quality products for the best prices, “says George Sparr, President of ACP Composites. “It’s our goal to stay competitive while providing the best quality carbon products possible."

ACP Composites explains that they stand behind their products and pledge to deliver consistent, top quality results. Products displaying the Quality Pledge seal have been guaranteed to possess essential attributes that make them superior to others carbon fibre sheets.

ACP Composites says they manufacturer their carbon fibre High Gloss Sheets with:

  • 100% high quality carbon fibre prepreg
  • A high gloss finish without the use of fillers, gel coats, or surface treatments
  • A high strength, durable and long lasting epoxy resin
  • With no wet layups which consistently yields flat, lighter weight sheets with minimal voids, waves or build-ups.

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