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Duoline Provides a Premium Internal Corrosion Resistant GRE Lining System for Oilfield Steel Tubulars

10 July 2012

Duoline Technologies has developed a higher temperature resistant composite lining, D-350, for oilfield steel tubulars.

According to Duoline, the new liner has a reliable temperature resistance up to 350°F (177°C) and is proven to maintain mechanical and chemical resistance similar to that of its successful D-20 lining system.

Duoline explains that the lining consists of a seamless glass reinforced filament wound liner wrapped in a continuous helical pattern to provide the greatest tensile and hoop strengths. Glass is saturated during the winding process with a proprietary aromatic amine resin formulation providing fusion between the fibres which Duoline says ensures a holiday-free, flawless liner. They say saturation of fibres with resin provides chemical resistance required to prevent corrosion attack of the steel tubulars. Liners are cured by applying internal heat to a hollow mandrel. This ensures that encapsulated air pockets do not occur on the liner’s body wall, a major differentiation from liners produced using a thermal cure cycle which cures the outer diameter first and increases the potential for product failure by encapsulating air pockets on the liner’s body wall.

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