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Axson Buys Nanoledge, Telesystem’s “High Performance Resin” Business

10 July 2012

Nanoledge, a Telesystem portfolio company, just sold its “high performance resin” business to Axson.

Nanoledge, is an innovative start-up focused on the high performance epoxy market. Nanoledge explains it has significantly improved composite material performance through its proprietary nanoblending technologies. Nanoblending combines base resins with a variety of nanoparticles (e.g. carbon nanotubes) and selected chemical additives in order to target specific mechanical, electrical or thermal performance improvements while maintaining compatibility with the end clients’ manufacturing processes.

According to David Bernardi, CTO of Telesystem and member of the board of Nanoledge, “Nanoledge developed a technological platform that allowed it to demonstrate composite material performances that many in the industry simply did not believe possible, all at only marginally higher costs. In the hands of Axson, this technology platform will now be made to benefit more clients in more fields of use.”

Charles Churet, Chairman and CEO of Axson explains “Nanoledge’s nanoblending technology is an innovation enabler. Beyond improving Axson product performance in existing markets, this technology will also be a key element to Axson’s further development in new expanding markets”.

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