Caterham Composites Enters Strategic Partnership with Altair Engineering

31 January 2012

Caterham Composites have signed a partnership with Altair Engineering to help both companies streamline the critical exchange between design and simulation and they expect their combined years of experience to create great value for their existing customer base and further strengthen their ability to offer increased value for future clients.
“We are very excited about sharing our resources with this highly qualified and innovative partner. Altair’s technical expertise in advanced engineering software, on-demand computing technologies and enterprise analytics solutions will help us to customise and perfect our solutions,” said Phil Hall, Managing Director of Caterham Composites. “Having access to Altair’s leading simulation and optimisation technologies within the HyperWorks suite will significantly increase Caterham Composites’ performance.”
“For Altair, the partnership with Caterham Composites creates a great starting point for cooperation with a leader in the composites industry. The partnership will allow Altair to improve its composite design expertise which will greatly benefit our clients across industry,” said Lars Fredriksson, Director, Altair ProductDesign Germany.
Caterham Composites’ say their projects will enable Altair to improve their software solutions by working on assignments with real world data sets, allowing Altair to refine its software to the benefit of its customers.
According to Caterham Composites, the overall purpose of partnering with Altair Engineering is to empower all the clients of each respective company with innovative, high-end quality solutions and exceed expectations by combining the technical skills and know-how of Caterham Composites and Altair Engineering.

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