Polinox Completes Plant Improvements Cycle

17 January 2012

Polinox has just completed a cycle of improvements in the industrial complex that it owns in Itupeva, São Paulo.

Polinox explain that they have built another warehouse for the storage of finished products, a domestic wastewater treatment plant and a new administrative area in the neighbouring land acquired in 2010.

The new facilities were planned according to the original project of Polinox’s plant, that is, each space is an independent module. They explain that this means the peroxides they are restricted to only one area in case of potential accidents, increasing the safety of employees and the community living in the vicinity.

Roberto Pontifex, Director, Polinox, says the new warehouse helps to reinforce the company’s policy of prompt delivery, and ensure the full delivery to its more than 1,500 customers in periods of high demand. “We serve a large market share and that is why we cannot take the risk of shortages”, he says.

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