Huntsman Formulate De-Ddm ‘Free’ Impact Resistant Casting System

10 January 2012

Huntsman have formulated RenCast 6425A/RenCast 5425B for production of castings and for applications requiring high levels of toughness and durability.

According to Huntsman, they have formulated RenCast 6425A/RenCast 5425B using a new technology without DE-DDM. They explain that this system can be used in a range of casting applications including foundry patterns and core boxes, applications needing high performance like conveyor rollers, machinery parts and assembly jigs.

Huntsman explains that besides the abrasion resistance and toughness, this system offers flexibility in a wide range of applications. They say the main features are very good chemical resistance, high tear resistance and high elongation, and that its ability to withstand moisture also makes it suitable for thin layer applications.

RenCast 6425A/RenCast 5425B is said to be easy to process at room temperature due to its low viscosity, offering good pot life and excellent flow characteristics.

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