Motive Previews the Bison Composite Pickup Design

07 February 2012

Motive Industries has revealed its new composite pick up truck design titled the Bison which they describe as a showcase of what a global market highly efficient pickup can look like.

Motive say that their concept is a shell designed to showcase their ability to develop an inspiring pickup design to work with the next and best industry powertrains, renewable fuels, emerging materials and technologies. Starting with a ground up design the engineering involved to package the batteries and powertrain aren't compromised by any pre-developed chassis.

According to Motive, the Bison is targeting the compact to mid-sized light truck class like the Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma and even the Honda Ridgeline. They say the overall design character is sporty and assertive communicated by its wide front end graphic elements and aggressive wheel arches. The geometrical and angular form language along with wedge profiles throughout evolves the typical square pickup form into something much more modern and provocative. Charcoal coloured polymer bumpers are durable and designed to deal with the tough fleet / commercial use in the field.

Motive describes the Bison as having a clean sheet design. They say that while doing a ground up design is a major undertaking, they suggest using a low volume tooling approach initially, like composite materials and then scaling up to meet demand. They continue to explain that there are many benefits to a composite bodied pickup. The first being it’s lightweight.  Motive claim that utilising carbon fibre can see a weight reduction over steal of 50% where as utilising fibreglass can see a weight reduction of approximately 30%. They say a second major benefit with the composite bodied vehicles is the ability to have a profitable low to medium production run model of anywhere between 500 to 25,000 vehicles. One of the largest differences in these models is in the tooling investment required for stamped steel VS composite. In many cases, Motive explain, the costs for composite tooling can be a fraction of the cost of similar stamped steel tooling. This allows an OEM to manufacture a vehicle at a much lower production run and still make a profit.

Being located in the heart of Alberta, Motive felt it was important to present the Bison pickup concept as an answer to the inefficient heavy mid-sized pickups we see on the roads today. The Bison is a great example of what a modern premium truck can be and an excellent blueprint for an OEM to consider and put their personal touch on.

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