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Jeco Collaboration with Purdue University and NDEMC Yields Better, Stronger Pallets

28 February 2012

Pallets from Jeco Plastic Products can now be made stronger as a result of a collaboration with Purdue University and the National Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Consortium (NDEMC).

According to Jeco, the collaboration provides them with access to incredibly powerful computers, which are used to perform stress calculations and demonstrate to customers that plastic pallets can perform as effectively as metal pallets in many situations. Recently, Jeco say they were able to significantly strengthen an existing pallet design by making structural changes as a result of detailed analysis.

Commenting on the collaboration, Jeco Plastic Products CEO, Craig Carson, commented “Our work with Purdue University and NDEMC put powerful tools in our hands and enables Jeco, a relatively small company, to differentiate ourselves and demonstrate that our products are superior to those made of metal in many cases. Jeco plastic pallets are stronger and last significantly longer than wooden pallets. They are much lighter in weight than metal pallets, and can be designed to hold much larger loads that would seem possible. The calculations we now can do enable us to develop plastic structures for a wide variety of applications.”

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