eXstream Release Latest DIGIMAT

14 February 2012

eXstream have released Digimat 4.2.1 designed to speed-up simulation time as well as introduce new functionalities to help design and manufacture of composite materials.

According to eXstream, the new Hybrid Solution Procedure gives Digimat the capability to predict in a fast and accurate way the nonlinear anisotropic behaviour of industrial parts. Hybrid Solution Procedure should be used in the first iterative design steps while the final design will be validated with the classical micro approach.

They say that the new interface with Simulayt draping software expands Digimat material modelling capabilities to continuous fibre composites. They explain that the software features the capability to predict S(N) curves as a function of the local fibre orientation. This functionality is expected to be available via DIGIMAT interfaces with major fatigue codes soon.

eXstream explain that Digimat is already fully integrated within major CAE codes as the standard material model to perform nonlinear multi-scale modelling analysis of reinforced materials and structures. MSC.Marc and LS-DYNA implicit have been added to the list of available solvers.

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