Seventh Edition of Feiplar Composites and Feipur International Congress Held on 6 - 8 November 2012

04 December 2012

From November 6th to 8th 2012, the seventh edition of Feiplar Composies & Feipur – International Congress and Exhibition on Composites, Polyurethane and Engineering Plastics was held in São Paulo, Brazil, at Expo Center Norte, Green Hall, with more than 280 exhibitors from 26 countries and more than 14,500 visitors.

The exhibitors presented the most advanced solutions (raw materials, auxiliary products, process, equipment and services) to manufacturers of parts in composites, polyurethane and/or engineering plastics. 43% of these exhibitors came from countries such as China (31), Italy (19), EUA (17), Germany (8), Latin America (18, mainly from Argentina), another European countries (24 mainly from UK and France), and Asia and Oceania (8).

Beyond the technologies for manufacturers of finished parts, several companies exhibited their own finished products (MVC Plastics, J. Procopio, Fastplas Automotive, Carbox Racing among many others). Companies such as Amecon, Blitz, O-Tek, Travi, Holos, M.Mold, Carbogel, Tenaz, UFRJ, DemitryArt, Aumar, Novapol, Ourofino and Ecoart also presented their finished parts at the II Technical Parts Exhibition. 53 companies presented products for the three versions of the Excellence Awards (Composites, Polyurethane and Engineering Plastics), and several companies presented their finished parts at suppliers booth, such as Tecnofibras, Stratus and ASW Brasil.

An important focus at the event was the Compocity, an area that simulated a composites city, showing how composites may help us with industrial challenges faced in our daily lives. It featured a school made of composites, ATM, stores, furniture, boats, buses, trucks, and other items. Compocity was idealized by Almaco.

Some companies also presented the benefits of their products/process through technical demonstrations, showing polyurethane for thermal insulation (Amino), all the steps for the manufacturing parts by infusion (Reichold), the injecting of a truck bumper by RTM-Light process (Transtécnica), the application of filament winding (Reichold), RTM-Light and Infusion process (Almaco), RTM-Light process details (Reichold), and producing molded pillows in visco-elastic foam (M. Cassab). These presentations had an audience of over 580 people.

Another highlight of the event were the 111 technical lectures about the use composites, polyurethane and engineering plastics in many industrial markets, for instance flexible foams (for furniture and industrial application), automotive, construction, harsh environment, wind energy, thermal insulation, aerospace, boats, standard for the petrochemical industry, sustainability (recycling and renewable source raw) and mining. Other lectures focused on the manufacturing of parts made on composites, polyurethane and engineering plastics and a better management for composites companies.

Feiplar Composies & Feipur 2012 also saw the first SAMPE Conference in Latin America. SAMPE aims to show innovation on advanced materials for the Brazilian Industry.

The lectures had an increase of attendees of about 33% comparing to 2012 event. The next show will be held in November 2014.

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