Interplastic Publishes New Corrosion Case History

07 August 2012

Interplastic Corporation’s Thermoset Resins Division has published a new case history, “Corrosive Waste Vapors Push Intel toward Vinyl Ester Ducting.”

The case history discusses how Interplastic’s CoREZYN VE8440 resin was used as a solution for Intel Corporation’s corrosion resistant ducting problem.

It explains Intel’s etching operation’s ducting was being used to vent a waste air stream that contained numerous corrosive chemicals. Back in the 1980’s it says it first looked at coated stainless steel, but the chemicals permeated through the Teflon coating and attacked the stainless steel. A second option involved phenolic resin in the structural layer with a vinyl ester based liner, but this system didn’t fare well in wet environments, nor did it provide the needed corrosion resistance.

According to Interplastic Corporation, it found the best solution to be an all CoREZYN vinyl ester construction. It provided the outstanding fire retardance and corrosion resistance required, and also stood up to wet environments. Over 15 years later, it says its ducting system shows little or no corrosive deterioration. This new case history can be ordered directly from the Interplastic website at

In further news, recipients of the Scholars Award sponsored by Interplastic Corporation in affiliation with the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) are:

Cruz Cardenas Jr., McAllen, Texas (Arkema Inc.); Scott Zhou, Kingsport, Tennessee (Eastman Chemical Company); Samuel Gilliam, Kingsport, Tennessee (Eastman Chemical Company); Ryan DeRuiter, Cary, North Carolina (Reichhold Inc.); Amy Wang, Azusa, California (Materia, Inc.). Each winner receives $2,000 to be used towards their studies at a four-year college or university of their choice.

This is the twelfth year Interplastic Corporation has awarded the scholarships. “We are proud to sponsor this program and believe it’s important to acknowledge the outstanding accomplishments of students such as these,” said Bob DeRoma, Senior Vice President. “These remarkable young adults are active in their communities, involved in charitable works, and exceptional in their academic achievements.”

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