FEMPLY Express Product Launch

07 August 2012

PlySim has released its FEMPLY Express, a composite ply-based modelling software plug-in for Siemens’ FEMAP Pre and Post Processor.

Fully integrated into FEMAP, and making use of FEMAP’s Global Ply capabilities, PlySim explains that FEMPLY enables tabular definition of whole component laminate schedules more closely following manufacturing processes within a simple, intuitive user interface. Multiple plies may be edited in one operation and may be re-mapped onto a new mesh or after mesh refinement. Together with the advanced pre and post processing features of FEMAP, the announcement reinforces FEMAP as a leading composite modelling solution.

PlySim Director Malcolm Wadia states “We believe that the introduction of FEMPLY to the market constitutes a significant step forward in composite modelling, offering FEMAP users a low cost ply based modelling solution with fast and efficient handling of complex layups”

Mark Sherman, Manager of FEMAP Product Development says “We’re extremely excited about our new relationship with PlySim and in particular the features and functionality offered to FEMAP’s composite laminate users via their FEMPLY product. Managing the data associated with complex composite laminate models is often a time consuming and laborious task, FEMPLY’s ability to track and manage ply definitions will be greatly appreciated by FEA engineers using FEMAP to model their composites designs.”

PlySim says the FEMPLY Product range is due to be augmented later in the year by the release of FEMPLY Pro which offers all the benefits of FEMPLY Express with the addition of Ply Draping algorithms and Flat Pattern export.

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