Composites Workshop for Brazilian Marine Industry

07 August 2012

Brazilian Boatbuilder Association (ACOBAR) will host a Composite workshop in Rio de Janeiro on the 10th August, 2012, to train the marine industry on the requirements of NBR-14574 – Rules and Regulation for Recreational Boats in Glass Reinforced Plastic with less than 24 meters, effective June 2012.

According to ACOBAR, the purpose of this initiative is to improve composite education in the Brazilian marine market pursuing training initiatives to improve manufacturing quality and safety for the marine industry.

Managing the training program is Jorge Nasseh, Vice President of ACOBAR and Chairman of the NBR14574. "ACOBAR initiative is to educate the industry on the aspects of materials, processing, quality control and management according to the new standard to increase a competitive edge for the local industry. This is our second workshop for the year and we have two more scheduled for 2012" said Nasseh.

ACOBAR says the new workshop schedule has the support of the largest local builders and it will create performance objectives that contribute to small boat safety.

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