Vacuum Processes in Composites Demystified

14 August 2012 has developed a new website that they say composites manufacturers and researchers using the resin infusion process, or contemplating using the process will find of interest.

According to, the resin infusion process is becoming an increasingly important composite manufacturing process because the process delivers higher quality and lighter components with much reduced volatile emissions.

It explains that the website features a series of articles discussing topics such as:

  • General introduction to the resin infusion (or vacuum infusion) process,
  • Absolute pressure and its usefulness for diagnosing infusion problems,
  • Darcy’s Law and how it can be applied to improve the infusion process,
  • Hints and tips for using bag penetration fittings, joining vacuum tubing and bottom feeding of resin to reduce voids in laminates,
  • Considerations in relation to using degassed resin for infusion,
  • Avoiding expensive resin trap overflows when infusing,
  • Explaining why vapours, such as water vapour and resin volatiles, cause problems with infusion,
  • Why routine vacuum pump maintenance is important. has compiled the new information and explains it is a specialist manufacturer of vacuum systems for composites processes such as resin infusion and RTM Light. To access the information, visit

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