Sacmi Injection Makes Its Debut at Plast in Milan

03 April 2012

The presentation of the IPS, a new-concept preform production press that makes full use of Sacmi’s experience in the industry, is now imminent.

According to Sacmi, this innovative press makes them the perfect partner, a unique provider of two different technologies, injection and compression. They say the new Sacmi-built preform press uses injection technology, this is the IPS – the injection preform system, and that they are able to offer the market two alternative technologies – injection and compression.

Fully designed and developed by Sacmi, they say the IPS is currently available in a 48-cavity version, while a more powerful 300 ton model housing 72 cavities is already under development. They explain that akey IPS feature is its simplified user interface making it easy for machine management and minimising worker training times. Sacmi explain that this solution ensures higher quality preforms and prevents the damage that can occur when preforms are handled before they’ve fully cooled.

Sacmi say that short cycle times have been achieved thanks to plant optimisation, digital servo-valves fitted near the actuators and a machine design optimised to make press opening-clamping even more efficient. The toggle system and mobile platen that make up the mould clamping unit are hydraulically controlled and have been designed using FEM structural analysis to optimise mechanical inertia while ensuring outstanding mechanical strength. This guarantees ultra-fast lock-to-lock, times, cutting the preform cycle time further.

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