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Scott Bader Exhibit Crystic Permabright at China Composites Show

06 September 2011

Scott Bader Asia Pacific will be exhibiting their range of Crystic high performance specialty resins, gelcoats and adhesives at the 17th China Composites Show in Shanghai, this week.        

According to Scott Bader, they will be showcasing the new Crystic Permabright spray and brush marine gelcoat along with other innovative new products in their specialty products range: primerless Crestabond methacrylate structural adhesives; new closed mould and pultrusion Crestapol resins; plus low smoke fire retardant (FR) gelcoats and resin laminate systems with test approvals for a variety of building and land transportation applications from Epiradeatuer NFP/ NFF, DIN; ASTM and CEN TS 45545-2 (Firestarr HL2) standards.  They say the Crestapol range now includes the latest addition to the range, Crestapol 1250LV, which has been specially developed for both glass and carbon fibre lamination.  Vacuum infusion demonstrations will also be taking place during the show on the Composites One stand (No. 513) using Crestapol 1212 resin.

Scott Bader explain that Crestapol 1250LV is an ambient curing urethane acrylate thermosetting resin that has been developed for producing high performance carbon fibre reinforced and glass fibre (GRP) parts by vacuum infusion or resin transfer moulding (RTM). They say it has processing flexibility to suit different production conditions and requirements. Crestapol 1250LV provides a cost effective alternative to epoxy infusionresin systems, with competitive strength properties and an excellent surface finish with minimal print through.  A part made from carbon fibre reinforced Crestapol 1250LV will be on the stand.

Crystic Permabright is Scott Bader’s new D-Iso/NPG marine grade gelcoat, which they claim sets a new standard for long term UV weathering performance by providing significantly improved long term colour stability; their Florida test results show that Crystic Permabright gelcoat is able to provide two times better colour stability than the next best in class Iso/NPG and four times better than a standard isophthalic gelcoat. 

Additionally, Scott Bader is featuring their range of primerless Crestabondmethacrylate structural adhesives for bonding a wide variety of composite, metal and plastic substrates; none or only minimal surface cleaning of a substrate is required. Crestabond adhesives have been used in a variety of marine and transportation GRP applications.

During the show in the technical forum, two papers will also be presented by technical representatives from Scott Bader: one paper will cover their Crestabond range of structural adhesives, based on their innovative methacrylate chemistry; the other technical paper will cover the performance and use of Crestapol resins as part of a fire retardant laminate system, as they can be heavily filled to achieve meet a variety of smoke and fire test standards.

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