Itasa Develops Range of Liners for Composites

20 September 2011

Itasa has developed a complete range of liners for composites, adapted to the necessities of pre-impregnation processes.

Itasa explain that they have achieved this through perfectly matching the anti-adhesive surface to the specifications of the resin that forms the composite. They say a careful selection of the base paper and a high homogeneity of the silicone coat lead to high quality and customised products.

Itasa say they have recently invested 20 million Euros in extending its installations up to 13,000 square meters and acquiring a new high-speed 1,650 mm BMB coater production line with a maximum speed of 800 m/min. This has increased the production capacity of the entire company from 450 million square meters to about 600 million square meters per year.

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