Airtech Launch New Beta Prepreg and Carbon Tooling Boards

20 September 2011

Airtech will be showing beta prepreg, carbon tooling boards and their new multi-layer vacuum bag at the Composites Europe Show, next week.

According to Airtech, the new Beta Prepreg for composite tooling, which was a JEC 2011 Innovation Award finalist, is based on Benzoxazine resin and toughening technology. They say it can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months with no loss of tack, and delivers superior laminate properties compared to conventional epoxy and BMI systems. Airtech also explain that the prepreg has a glass transition temperature of 218 degC and that service stability at high temperature ensures long tool life.

Airtech will be showcasing their TB G48 carbon tooling boards. They say the TB G48 are cost effective high temperature carbon fibre tooling boards with a reformulated high Tg. 247 degC epoxy matrix to provide longer high temperature service life. The TB G48 can be used for mould support, jigs and fixtures, reducing tooling cost and improving performance.

Airtech will also have available: Securlon L750, Securlon L500Y, Wrightlon 3700, Ipplon KM1300 and Wrightlon 7400.

Airtech can be found in Hall 4, stand E18 at the show.

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