Dieffenbacher Win AVK Innovation Award 2011

05 October 2011

Dieffenbacher has won the AVK Innovation Award for its direct process of manufacturing SMC components.

According to Dieffenbacher, the AVK - Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe (Industrial Association for Reinforced Plastics) awards its innovation prize annually for outstanding developments in the area of reinforced plastics. They say they have now won the prize two times in the "Industry" category; and on this occasion it was in recognition of having developed the direct process for manufacturing SMC components.

"The award is a major honor for us, and of course we are delighted to receive this recognition of the continuous development work which is taking place in our company," said Matthias Graf, Technical Director, during the award ceremony which took place as part of the Composites Night.

Dieffenbacher say the technology of direct compounding bypasses the cost-intensive steps of banding, storage and logistics that used to be required for SMC preforms, and also ensures that further processing can take place in the press shop directly and in a stable process. They explain that it also makes a significant contribution to technical improvements in components with a consistent Class A quality. The direct process for manufacturing SMC components was developed as part of a consortium involving the resin manufacturer DSM and the Fraunhofer Institute ICT.

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