Litzler Commissions Carbon Fibre Oxidation Ovens

18 October 2011

Litzler has commissioned 5 double oxidation ovens for a carbon Fibre line in Northwest China.

Litzler design their Oxidation Oven Systems to have high accuracy, cross-flow oven technology with the patented End-Seal System. They say rhe alternating cross-flow design provides uniform airflow across the entire tow band at up to 4 meters wide. 

According to Litzler, their ovens have successfully processed 1k tow up to 350k tow.  T800 quality has been achieved by customers using cross-flow oxidising. They say their ovens also include the patented End-Seals that effectively seal the ends of the oxidation oven.  This prevents cold air from infiltrating the oven and provides consistent airflow and temperature uniformity while minimising fugitive emissions.