Ansani Designs Develop Fibreglass Jeep Bonnet

11 October 2011

Ansani Designs have developed a new fibreglass bonnet for the Jeep designed to be lightweight, that improves engine-compartment space.

They say their "K5" Wrangler Jeep bonnet extends the factory lines with a higher, broader, more muscular profile inspired by the classic Chevy Blazer. Ansani Designs created the new bonnet in response to enthusiast requests for a lighter-weight bonnet.

Ansani Designs explain that their hand-laid uni-directional fibreglass technique gives a weight reduction of about 50 percent whilst still keeping the bonnet rigid at highway speeds.

Installation is direct-replacement: the existing hinges and hardware are transferred from the OE sheet metal bonnet to the Ansani Designs fibreglass model. The bonnets are shipped in a primer-ready gelcoat finish so that they can be painted for an exact match to the Jeep.

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