Diatex Introduce 1500 EV6 Peel Ply

07 November 2011

Diatex have introduced 1500 EV6, theirnew generation of peel ply developed for structural bonding of composite materials.

Diatex explain that the plyundergoes a treatment providing remarkable physical and chemical properties. 

Diatex say that dry peel ply 1500 EV6 has advantages compared to wet peel ply that include:

  • Suitable with all adhesive or adhesive film
  • Suitable with all resins
  • No storage constraints
  • Calibrated porosity: can be used in vacuum infusion process
  • Longer shelflife
  • Easier to implement
  • All curring temperature

Diatex say the development of this peel ply allowed a gain of 25% compared with values of wet peel ply's. They explain that the aim is to obtain a cohesive failure in the composite (interlaminar) which shows a better behaviour of the interface compared with the composite itself.

According to Diatex, every 1500 EV6 batch is subjected to interlaminar fracture toughness (G1C) and slotted single lap shear strength tests enabling them to validate bondings from its application.

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