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Norplex-Micarta Introduces NP572

15 November 2011

Norplex-Micarta has introduced NP572, a high strength, medium weave glass fabric with an epoxy resin.

According to Norplex-Micarta, this high performance composite material offers excellent physical, mechanical, and electrical properties at both room temperature and elevated temperatures.

NP572 was developed for high temperature electrical insulation applications.  According to Norplex-Micarta, the product retains at least 50% of its room temperature flexural strength at 150ºC.  They explain that it is preferred over high temperature glass mat composites and high-performance glass-filled thermoplastics because of its excellent machinability, outstanding dimensional stability, superior creep resistance, and endurance over long periods of time.  In use, the product is often exposed to continuous temperatures as high as 155ºC for years.  With its guaranteed minimum Tg of 180 ºC, they say NP572 is considered the standard material for use as Class H Insulation in electrical apparatus.  

NP572 meets NEMA G-11 standards and the MIL-I-24768/3 GEB.  It’s offered in thicknesses of .008″- 4.00″ and in sheet sizes ranging from 48″ X 36″ to 48″ X 108″ depending on the thickness.  Other sheet sizes and thicknesses may be available with minimum order quantities. 

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