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Automated Dynamics Develops Scalable Workcell for Research and Development

15 November 2011

Automated Dynamics has introduced the Research Workcell, a small scale, self-contained robotic automated fibre placement machine designed to be an affordable and flexible piece of research and development equipment for higher education clients and small composites laboratories, to its standard equipment line.

“This machine fills a major void in the composites manufacturing market by providing economical, scalable solutions to small composites labs,” said Robert Langone, President, Automated Dynamics. “It is designed to be wheeled through a standard door and is plug-in ready.”

Automated Dynamics say the Research Workcell is ideal for material testing of non-complex, small thermoplastic parts, including cylinders, flat panels and rings. The work cell is a simplified version of Automated Dynamics’ automated fibre placement equipment.

According to Automated Dynamics, benefits of thermoplastics manufacturing include:

  • Reduced labour costs;
  • Reduced material scrap;
  • Increased material throughput;
  • Improved composite structural quality; and
  • Precise, repeatable and tension independent process that enables placement at any angle.

“No other machine offers the flexibility for smaller manufacturers and researchers to achieve results applicable to productions,” said Langone. “It is built specifically for the research environment, is low cost and requires minimal training.”

Langone noted that Automated Dynamics researchers and developers are using a Research Workcell at its Schenectady, NY, manufacturing facility to support research and development projects involving a variety of heat sources and materials.

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